[clug] ... and WiFi access in Civic

Brian Morris brian at netspeed.com.au
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Hi All,

There is a provision, or at least a 'loophole' in the Telecommunications Act
that allows the likes of café's and people at home to use WIFI to gain
access to the Internet (commercial or not).  I think reason given is that if
it is legal to do it 'wired' (ie running a cable to the table), then doing
it wireless is ok too.

Strictly speaking it is not supposed to transmit beyond their boundary, that
is where a carrier licence is required, but I have never seen it policed and
I suspect there is no intention to enforce it either.  Just don't exceed
your legal transmit power levels with too high a gain 3rd party antennae.


Brian Morris

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Anthony Goonan wrote:
> Steve,
> Do u have a Telecommunications Carrier Licence?  Are U intending to apply
> for a Telecommunications Carrier Licence?  
No, Nerdvana did not, but the ISP we partnered with had a carrier 
license (they were providing VOIP services), which meant that as we were 
simply broadcasting their service via a radio, if it had come to a head, 
we were operating under their Carrier License. Keep in mind all this 
happened back in 2004/5, and the network now no longer exists (the 
example of Azure was not a hypothetical example).
> Pls refer to Australian Commmunications & Media Authority (ACMA).
Been there, done that, have the "erm, not our problem, you need to talk 
to XXXXX" letters to prove it. Waste of time that was.

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