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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun Feb 17 13:23:53 GMT 2008

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Hi everyone,

At the Programming SIG last Thursday it was generally decided that we needed
to change venues.  It was actually more or less decided in the email that
followed January's PSIG, but I didn't have the necessary details of where we
would be next.  But I've talked to Pascal and he's said that Looking Glass
Solutions, the company he works for, is happy for us to use their
meeting/training room for the PSIG.  It's right next to Garema Place (so it's
easy to get to) and has desks with Ubuntu machines and a projector.  So at
last we can have a decent talk without having to talk over the canned music,
forcing Chris to rip his projector out of his theater system each time, or pay
outrageous prices for food.

The plan at this stage is to meet at 6:50 PM at Cafe Essen and then move to
Looking Glass Studios just around the corner.  The talk should go for about an
hour, and then we'll adjourn to some convenient eating facility nearby.  This
should allow people to have a bit more choice about what they eat, and
hopefully it'll be cheaper and healthier :-)  It should also reduce the
pressure on those people who want to come for the talk but don't want to eat.

The other item that was discussed at the PSIG in regard to moving venues was
the issue of finding internet connectivity; not a need, but a very useful
want.  Looking Glass Studios, AFAICR from what Pascal said, has a WPA 'Office'
WIFI connection but they may not be so keen to share that with us.  We may be
able to work out something for the next couple of meetings, anyway.

Please let us know your thoughts on this!

Have fun,

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