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Hi Paul,

Video cameras are really cheap now and we bought one last year (<$300)
so we could play with YouTube.

 - It's nice to have somewhere informal to talk that *isn't* permanently
 - I'd be a bit more wary about presenting (it's nice to keep
adventurous blunders private)
 - A decement number of our gadget collecting friends probably have
cameras aleready
 - Probably best as an option at the discretion of the presenter
 - So how popular are talks that are already videoed? I'm taking enough
time to work through
   stuff I missed at LCA.


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Hi all,

There's been a discussion on the Linux Australia list, started by the
treasurer Anthony Towns, proposing to buy video cameras and loan them
out to LUGs to record the talks.  They'd be then put on
mirror.linux.org.au for those that didn't make it, and other LUGs, to
see and enjoy.  I'm going to put a proposal together to get one of these
for the CLUG, but I have a few questions for you people.

Is this something that our 'members' actually want?

Do any potential speakers mind being videoed?

Do you have any other ideas or thoughts on this?

Have fun,

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