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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon Feb 18 01:22:07 GMT 2008

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Simon Pascal Klein wrote:
| I just mentioned this to Ash, the chap here who manages the training
| room, just because Evan has relocated to Brisbane. He's completely fine
| with it; we can use the machines, the projector, make a tea or coffee
| provided we keep things clean and otherwise enjoy the comfy-ness of the
| couches. :)

Awesome.  What's the thought on eating in the training room?  I'd prefer to
all go out and eat separately, but if someone was to want to bring some
take-away meal in, and if they cleaned up after themselves, would it be a problem?

| Re Internet access, there are numerous ethernet ports and cables
| throughout the room for the machines that are in there. I do not want to
| be unplugging any cables from these machines so any laptop users have to
| use wireless. Our office wifi network doesn't well reach the training
| room and Ash doesn't really want to open or share it at the moment. I
| can however turn my laptop into an AP and give you guys wifi straight
| from the wired connection in the room. :)

Well, I can bring along my little WiFi AP that does the same thing - all I
need is a set of wires.  I can set it up as open, WEP or WPA, depending on
what Ash wants.

Thanks, Pascal, Ash and Looking Glass!

Have fun,


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