[clug] programs on abc iview or a myth request

Paul mylists at wilsononline.id.au
Thu Aug 21 05:03:31 GMT 2008

I actually did record it on mythTV box. actually I'm not sure who recorded it.
As to Iview I assume thats flash based, so you would probably need to a browser to render it.


On 21/08/2008 1:22 PM, Steven Hanley wrote:
> All
> So this morning my sister mmentioned that a showing of Keating! the musical
> from the Seymour centre in Sydney aired on ABC2 last night. Alas I did not
> know about this before hand so did not set my mythtv box to record it.
> Apparently the abc tv iview system may be able to show it to me
> http://www.abc.net.au/tv/iview/, I had a look around there but can not find
> it at first glance. Also has anyone been able to actually record stuff from
> iview reasonably? (with mplayer or similar stream recording software)
> On the other hand, does anyone happen to have a recording of this showing on
> their own myth tv machine they are willing to make available or provide a
> copy of at some point?
> Cheers
> 	See You
> 	    Steve
> .... I laughed so hard when I saw Keating! live I really want to see it
> again.

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