[clug] advice on drives for raid

James Solomos jamessolomos at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 00:11:33 GMT 2008

--warning heresy may be present--
i just built my file sever this month and this is what i came out with.
i had a budget of about 600 but had the case already. all bought from the
computer fair

mobo  GIGABYTE GA-MA74GM-S2H<http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128328>
cpu AMD 5200+                                     $85
ram 2g                                                  $40
case Antec NSK6580

hard drives well this all on your budget i bought 4 x 750g samsung at $115
each ( 3 year warranty)
 but at the moment the best value of gigabites per dollar are the western
digital 640g (about 13 cents)
yes the seagate 1Tb are great drives seeing that they have 5-year warranty
(but you pay the premium)
also i think the samsung drives are made in the same factory as the seagates
some things you should watch for

   - my psu only had two sata power slots so i needed to buy a four pin
   - also i forgot about a separate hard drive for the OS :(

after building the system i fired up the latest build of OpenSolaris,
installed on a smaller drive i had lying around. built a raidz on ZFS with a
total space of 2.25Tb with a redundant drive.
to do this it took about four commands and i haven't looked back.

my 2 cents

Neme Wrote:

At first glance the idea is 4x 1TB drives, with 900GB of each in raid5
for roughly 2.7TB shared space, the remaining 100gb to be split between
system space, and more paranoid raid1 /home and /backup spaces.

The case is small however so heat is a concern - as is then noise once
I put in fans to handle the heat issue... so I'm thinking of mixing
a couple of seagate 1TB (which seem to be striving for reasonable
performance) and a couple of western digital 1TB (which run quieter at
cooler, at a performance loss).

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