[clug] Ubuntu Hardy Heron on Budget Notebook

Simon Pascal Klein klepas at klepas.org
Thu Apr 17 01:13:37 GMT 2008

On 17/04/2008, at 2:08 AM, David Adams wrote:
> Hey Ian,
> This mirrors my own experience with new laptops. I recently  
> purchased a HP dv6746TX (like you, at a reduced price) and I  
> installed Hardy Heron on it. Everything, including the built in IR  
> remote control and the "application buttons" on the laptop, works  
> out of the box (although the nvidia card required restricted drivers  
> for 3D, which were installed using the GUI Hardware Devices  
> application). Pressing the "DVD" button, for instance, opens up  
> Totem, and the remote control works correctly (volume controls  
> volume, play is play, etc). The built in webcam works, everything.
> Overall, I was astounded that everything "just worked". This is in  
> contrast to setting up Windows XP, where it's a massive drivers hunt  
> to get everything functional, and where you have to install them in  
> a specific order, and there are bugs, etc... the only thing I wish  
> it had was a way of turning off/change colour the very distracting  
> blue LEDs, but that's a problem with the laptop itself not any  
> operating system upon it.

I’ve heard of some interesting scripts that allow playing with the  
LEDs in at least the larger Dell models – I think one can sync it to  
the beats in music or something (and thus hopefully turn them off as  


> Highly recommended.
> Cheers,
> Dave.
> Ian Bardsley wrote:
>> G'Day list
>> This is for anyone looking for a new, cheapy (sub $1k) notebook.
>> I recently purchased an Acer Aspire 5720 at a very keen price (the  
>> retailer had priced it incorrectly and I imposed the trade  
>> practices act).
>> Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo T5250, 1 Gb Ram, shared graphics, 15.4 wide  
>> screen, 120 Gb HD,  DL DVD Burner, Wlan, 5 in i card reader, built  
>> in web cam.
>> I decided to try Ubuntu Hardy Beta on it and surprise surprise,  
>> with the exception of the microphone socket and XD Cards in the  
>> Card reader, all features worked "Out of the Box" including Compiz.
>> The microphone problem was fixed easily courtesy of Google and the  
>> issue of XD cards is a listed bug for which no solution is yet  
>> available.
>> I guess this speaks volumes  for the progress that linux is making  
>> with hardware compatibility.
>> This is a nice piece of hardware for the money and with a memory  
>> upgrade should perform very well.
>> Hope this is of interest to someone
>> Regards to all
>> Ian Bardsley
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