[clug] Ubuntu Hardy Heron on Budget Notebook

David Adams u2552331 at anu.edu.au
Wed Apr 16 16:08:40 GMT 2008

Hey Ian,

This mirrors my own experience with new laptops. I recently purchased a 
HP dv6746TX (like you, at a reduced price) and I installed Hardy Heron 
on it. Everything, including the built in IR remote control and the 
"application buttons" on the laptop, works out of the box (although the 
nvidia card required restricted drivers for 3D, which were installed 
using the GUI Hardware Devices application). Pressing the "DVD" button, 
for instance, opens up Totem, and the remote control works correctly 
(volume controls volume, play is play, etc). The built in webcam works, 

Overall, I was astounded that everything "just worked". This is in 
contrast to setting up Windows XP, where it's a massive drivers hunt to 
get everything functional, and where you have to install them in a 
specific order, and there are bugs, etc... the only thing I wish it had 
was a way of turning off/change colour the very distracting blue LEDs, 
but that's a problem with the laptop itself not any operating system 
upon it.

Highly recommended.



Ian Bardsley wrote:
> G'Day list
> This is for anyone looking for a new, cheapy (sub $1k) notebook.
> I recently purchased an Acer Aspire 5720 at a very keen price (the 
> retailer had priced it incorrectly and I imposed the trade practices 
> act).
> Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo T5250, 1 Gb Ram, shared graphics, 15.4 wide 
> screen, 120 Gb HD,  DL DVD Burner, Wlan, 5 in i card reader, built in 
> web cam.
> I decided to try Ubuntu Hardy Beta on it and surprise surprise, with 
> the exception of the microphone socket and XD Cards in the Card 
> reader, all features worked "Out of the Box" including Compiz.
> The microphone problem was fixed easily courtesy of Google and the 
> issue of XD cards is a listed bug for which no solution is yet available.
> I guess this speaks volumes  for the progress that linux is making 
> with hardware compatibility.
> This is a nice piece of hardware for the money and with a memory 
> upgrade should perform very well.
> Hope this is of interest to someone
> Regards to all
> Ian Bardsley

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