[clug] wireless audio and video

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Tue Sep 25 13:48:19 GMT 2007

Kim Holburn wrote:
> I have this dream of having some kind of wireless system that will let 
> me put at least speakers in different rooms and maybe even screens as 
> well and route audio from one or more sources to one or more sets of 
> speakers and possibly the same with video.
> I'd of course prefer all linux but it wold be essential to integrate 
> at least one linux server and of course I really wouldn't want to have 
> to run a windows server at all.
> Does anyone have any ideas about such a thing?

I've put some thought into such a thing, there are products that try to 
meet this market but none of the product I've looked at seemed very good 
and they are all on the hideously expensive end of the scale.  I have a 
few ideas on building something like this but I don't have any pressing 
need for it at the moment.

Wireless video is still not commonly not done due to bandwidth required.

Something like the AudioControl set of products let you run sound and 
video over RJ45 cable, handy if you have that in your house already.


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