[clug] Oracle on Linux

Michael James clug3 at james.st
Mon May 7 01:15:43 GMT 2007

On Monday 07 May 2007 10:01, Rousak, Boris wrote:

> Has anyone tried the whole Oracle on Linux thing?

We're running 10g on SLES9.

> And separately has anyone tried RAC?

No, Oracle is running on a plain reiserfs partition.

> What was the general feeling about stability of Oracle

It runs, but the init.d script doesn't seem to be able to stop it.
I have to kill off everything running as oracle first,
 then I can reboot  (init 6)  the machine.

I'm also seeing some  out-of-memory  errors.

> And if RAC was used does anyone feel its an issue
> that the DBMS is suddenly administering your disks
> instead of "insert favourite volume manager name"?

Shouldn't be, as long as it knows which partitions to use.

> So does recovery become an issue? 

We get oracle to dump daily, and back that up.


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