[clug] Re: [SLUG] 2. Re: photo/graphics processing SIG anyone? (Matthew Hannigan)

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Jun 2 23:54:28 GMT 2007

Mike Carden wrote on 2/6/07 8:54 PM:

This can be neatly solved by having proto-SIG's take the half-hour of
prior to CLUG.
Nobody can avoid CLUG with the excuse "had to go home to eat" :-) and
6:30 is as easy/hard to make as 7:00.
This scheme allows proto-SIG's to take turn about - where interest is
shown and speakers/topics available.  Allows group to try-out and fly
the flag [and leverage existing resources] - pretty much the Open Source
Development methodology.

When a SIG has critical mass for long enough, it'll be obvious and they
can do their own thing with time & venue.

The only thing I might mention, is "we have the technology" [a 70's
reference to "Six-million Dollar Man"]
to not exclude those, like Michael, who have a life outside CLUG...

It'd be polite to post summaries or sound recordings of presentations or
relevant bits of those SIG's.  It's a great way to promote your cause
and include others and share what you know - sound Open Source principles.
Nothing takes the place of being physically present - there is huge
value is meeting people and getting yourself known.


> Pascal,
> I'm very interested in a FOSS imaging SIG. I admit that I have trouble
> getting to SIGs other than CLUG, but that's just my personal
> circumstances.
> To a degree, I wish that PSIG, PySIG and ImageSIG could all just use
> CLUG for their stuff, but I appreciate that some people don't enjoy
> the wider picture.
> I'd happily go to a JavaSIG, a PERLSIG, a SysAdminSIG, a SAMBASIG, a
> DistroSIG, a MythSIG, an EmbeddedSIG, a 'TronicsSIG, and a
> history-and-philosophy-of-computing-SIG.
> And very likely almost any computing SIG that someone suggests.
> So in general I'd love to see all of these happen at CLUG, but that's
> a selfish thing because I usually try to move heaven and earth to get
> to CLUG.
> At heart, I think I'd love to see the imaging SIG coming along to CLUG
> and enlivening the monthly meetings with imaging stuff. Anyone who has
> seen Andy Fitzsimon talk graphics at LCA will know that beauty and
> free software go hand in hand.

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