[clug] Re: [SLUG] 2. Re: photo/graphics processing SIG anyone? (Matthew Hannigan)

Simon Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Sun Jun 3 02:49:22 GMT 2007

On Sat, 2007-06-02 at 20:54 +1000, Mike Carden wrote:
> Pascal,
> I'm very interested in a FOSS imaging SIG. I admit that I have trouble
> getting to SIGs other than CLUG, but that's just my personal
> circumstances.
> To a degree, I wish that PSIG, PySIG and ImageSIG could all just use
> CLUG for their stuff, but I appreciate that some people don't enjoy
> the wider picture.
> I'd happily go to a JavaSIG, a PERLSIG, a SysAdminSIG, a SAMBASIG, a
> DistroSIG, a MythSIG, an EmbeddedSIG, a 'TronicsSIG, and a
> history-and-philosophy-of-computing-SIG.
> And very likely almost any computing SIG that someone suggests.
> So in general I'd love to see all of these happen at CLUG, but that's
> a selfish thing because I usually try to move heaven and earth to get
> to CLUG.
> At heart, I think I'd love to see the imaging SIG coming along to CLUG
> and enlivening the monthly meetings with imaging stuff. Anyone who has
> seen Andy Fitzsimon talk graphics at LCA will know that beauty and
> free software go hand in hand.

Yea, definitely. :)

I think CLUG should remain what it is now, to be honest. From the
perspective of a newcomer to FOSS and Linux who has read on the internet
that attending a local LUG is the way to go, CLUG might not be the first
alternative and some other group will be better suited to cater for
those interests (PCUG?, another different group?). Otherwise however
altering CLUG now would upset many people and it wouldn't be worth it.
Also, the plus side to having SIGs is that the topics covered will
remain the same (which rocks for people with specific interests and
limited time).

I'm going to give the chaps at the Pancake Parlour a call and see what
they think about us coming over either on the first Tuesday or Thursday
of each month for a meeting. I'm sure we could organise something re a

The other alternative might be using our (Looking Glass Solution's)
training room. I've talked with superiors and they think it's fine to
use the training room we have for an event such as the Open Media SIG,
once or so a month in the early evening. The neat thing is that the
training room is situated on Bunda St. Civic, has the lot and set up
ready to go. :)

There are people who go to PSIG at the Parlour and don't want to spend a
lot of money or anything at all. With prices as they are at the Parlour,
meeting at a place like the training room with always the option of
those who desire to then hang at the Pancake Parlour or some other venue
is always available.

The other benefit of the training room is that it is fully equipped (ie.
it has workstations with Ubuntu on them and so forth).

What do people think?


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> MC
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