[clug] Bluez PIN woes

Doug Palmer Doug.Palmer at csiro.au
Tue Feb 20 23:39:50 GMT 2007

I'm at my wits end here, so I'm hoping that someone has encountered this
problem before.

I'm trying to use Bluez to connect my Samsung Z350 phone to a box
running Fedora Core 6. I'm using the kdebluetooth system at the moment,
but the same thing is happening with obexftp, so the problem seems to be
connected with the Bluez stack itself.

When I try to connect to my phone, the phone pops up a dialog box asking
for a PIN, which I duly enter. I'm also expecting another dialog box to
pop up on the computer, also asking for a PIN so that the devices can
pair. Syslog shows that I am getting a request of the form

pin_code_request (sba=00:0A:3A:56:C5:16, dba=00:18:AF:3E:9C:16)

Reading around, it seems that I should be able to put a line with
pin_helper /usr/lib64/kdebluetooth/kbluepin; into
the /etc/bluetooth/hci.conf configuration file. But this program never
seems to be called. I've tried replacing it with a script that will log
its running to syslog, but that also never seems to be called.

All suggestions gratefully received.


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