[clug] Bluez PIN woes

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Wed Feb 21 00:06:30 GMT 2007


> Reading around, it seems that I should be able to put a line with
> pin_helper /usr/lib64/kdebluetooth/kbluepin; into
> the /etc/bluetooth/hci.conf configuration file. But this program
> never seems to be called. I've tried replacing it with a script that
> will log its running to syslog, but that also never seems to be
> called.

I'm using kubuntu and encoutered a similar problem. Hopefully this is 
still relevant to fedora.

The new pin helper stuff uses dbus to get the PIN on connection, rather 
than calling the pin helper directly. There's a passkey-agent program 
that will wrap a standard pin-helper to add dbus support. To get it 

  passkey-agent --default /usr/lib/kdebluetooth/kbluepin

(this runs in my .xsession, so it just works on startup).

Hope this helps.


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