[clug] Anyone want to give a talk for this week's CLUG meeting?

Edward Lang edlang at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 11:08:12 GMT 2007


On 2/19/07, Steve Walsh <Steve at nerdvana.org.au> wrote:
> Hugh Blemings wrote:
> > Well I guess if we run out of things to show and tell we just get
> > pizza sooner ?
> Erm. No. February should have been the time for Pascal and Paul to mail
> out requesting takers for the Sushi Platter to replace the standard CLUG
> pizza order. Those (an apparent few, from the numbers I had heard
> described who had applauded the new regime.. I mean..World Order..I
> mean..Meal Plan) who still want pizza can show up on the night and place
> their order, but it might cost a dollar or 2 more than previously.

Everything tends towards the bourgeois eventually, doesn't it? Long gone are
the days when the proletariat could bring along their computers pieced
together with traded hardware, leec^H^H^H^Htake part in the revolution and
munch cheap, greasy pizza...

(I was looking forward to the pizza! I finally got around to putting ubuntu
on my x41, I've started playing with p5 systems at work, and I eat so much
rice and noodles at the moment that I've almost forgotten how to wield a
knife and fork! :) )

I guess if the PS3 talk finishes early and we are still waiting on food, we
can play some games? (Has anyone in Canberra played with GNU/Linux on the



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