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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Fri Feb 16 22:34:08 GMT 2007

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Barry Campbell wrote:
> I am in dire need of help getting started with Linux.  I have tried several distro's (at present trying to use "Simply Mepis" ) but with this distro as with all others I have tried I just can't get virtually any further than the install.  My immediate goal is to install "Crossover" in order that I may thus install DVD copy / burning programs but like with "Wine" I cannot get the install to work.  I have tried all varies ways of running the install scripts for both the aforementioned programs but to no avail.  I am sure that my problem is a very basic one but I am without a clue.  So can anyone help me?! I am willing to pay to have someone get me started.

Hi Barry,

Simply Mepis is not one I'm familiar with, but we should be mostly on common
ground (I use Fedora Core 6).

Firstly, I think it good to have, as your main goal in using Linux, getting
away from Windows software and using native Linux software.  For instance,
there are plenty of CD burning applications in Linux - GnomeBaker, XCDRoast,
and even the Nautilus plugin (for the 'file explorer' in GNOME).  I don't know
how Mepis packages things, but your package management system should allow you
to find and select one or more of these packages.

WINE and Crossover are always going to have trouble interfacing with hardware.
 This is because of the way WINE (the fundamental component behind Crossover
and Cedega) does its hardware abstraction.  At the very least I wouldn't
expect some of the advanced functions of the drive (like burn-protection) to
work; at worst, I wouldn't expect the program to see the drive (or work) at
all.  It will do better with things like office applications and other
programs that don't rely on specific hardware features so much.

But then, I go back to rule 1 above: try the free equivalents of your
proprietary apps first before trying to install them under Crossover.
http://www.makethemove.net has a good list of free software applications for
various tasks; there's also a list (with install instructions for Ubuntu) at

Glad to see another linux convert - feel free to ask questions!

Hope this helps,

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