[clug] Getting started

Barry Campbell barryca at bigpond.net.au
Fri Feb 16 16:31:26 GMT 2007

Hi there

I am in dire need of help getting started with Linux.  I have tried several distro's (at present trying to use "Simply Mepis" ) but with this distro as with all others I have tried I just can't get virtually any further than the install.  My immediate goal is to install "Crossover" in order that I may thus install DVD copy / burning programs but like with "Wine" I cannot get the install to work.  I have tried all varies ways of running the install scripts for both the aforementioned programs but to no avail.  I am sure that my problem is a very basic one but I am without a clue.  So can anyone help me?! I am willing to pay to have someone get me started.

As a footnote, I have been using computers going back to the days of my first system a 286 with if my memory serves me correctly 4Mb of Ram. I THEN knew DOS backwards and have built / upgraded repaired many systems since so please don't think of me a complete dummy ......... just a dummy when it comes to Linux. Hope someone can / will help me.
Regards Barry

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