[clug] some Firefox questions

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 03:25:59 GMT 2007

> I did say that no file types are configured, meaning that the Manage panel is
> empty, yet .pdf files launch a viewer.

Have you checked your ~/mime.types file?  Perhaps a harbinger from
some old install of mozilla.

> Well, this is I entered 'yadayadayada' in the address bar and my privoxy log
> shows the following access: on Ubuntu does the same, somewhat annoying but I have learnt
to live with it, especially when you have just spelt a URL a bit

> > While updates resetting to the Firefox portal page may be annoying,
> > after hearing Mitch Baker from Mozilla explain that the searches from
> > that page fund the browser, I'm not so annoyed. It's trivial to
> > change.
> I can see your point, but it does not answer my question - can I opt out
> of this behaviour?

I have always imagined that they (mozilla) do this (with a cookie) to
track the uptake of new versions.

Still given that it is free software there is of course one way to opt
out of this behaviour....  There are alternatives to firefox, :)

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