[clug] [OT] why "Do Not Call" register?

Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Mon Aug 27 02:39:47 GMT 2007

Andrew Janke <a.janke at gmail.com> wrote:
> eg: answering and then asking them to wait while
> I get my credit card and them promptly going back to dinner.  Leave it
> on speaker phone for extra entertainment.

I do this sometimes, but they're pretty quick to hang up because they
know the trick.

My favourite alternative is to keep talking to them like I'm an
interested customer. It's not hard to string them along for quite a
while, they're pretty desperate for a positive response. If I do this,
I don't hang up on them. I wait for them to admit defeat and hang up on

Another method for those less introverted than I: "What are you wearing?
You sound sexy, are you in Canberra? I'd like to get together." Extra
value if the caller is of the same sex as you, double points if they
turn out to be severly homophobic.

And one that I've been sorely tempted to try (but haven't): Obscenity.
Talk dirty. I mean really dirty. Tell them what you'd like to do to
their mother/wife/daughter. Say stuff that makes you ashamed of yourself.

> After a while with each new number (we have shifted a lot) I seem to
> get on some hidden "don't call list" as I never get calls any more. :(

I don't think I'll ever end up on any such lists because my wife's not
hard enough on telemarketers. She helps them out by simply hanging up
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