[clug] installing Ubuntu 7.04

Michael Hirt linux at incanberra.com.au
Wed Aug 22 12:49:59 GMT 2007

    > I thought I should make sure you realise that installing Linux on
    your system will destroy
    > Windows and all files you have on there already. The message you
    posted indicates that
    > you're still running Windows when you try to load Linux.

    Or MacOS, as the case may be.

    > The only way to not destroy your Windows is to configure a
    dual-boot environment which is
    > probably not a good idea if you're just starting with Linux.

    Not a good idea? Why ever not? I'd have thought it's a fine idea. The
    x86 installers for Ubuntu usually do a fine job of allowing Windows to
    dual boot with Linux, and in fact it's probably a low impact way for a
    beginner to start off.

    On the other hand, I have never tried to get Linux and MacOS dual
    booting, so that may be a whole 'nother thing. I gave up on MacOS on
    the G3 some time ago and haven't looked back.


Not sure if this will help but I installed linux on my G4 mac mini a long time ago.  At the time I re-installed OS X and took the opportunity to re-partition to give me space to install linux.

The most difficult part of the install at the time was getting the boot loader correctly installed.  I have also had OS X updates replace the boot loader from time-to-time.

When this happens it is simply a matter of holding down the option key during boot to get the apple boot menu and choosing linux and then running the installer for the linux bootloader again.

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