[clug] problems with my Ubuntu

Julian Milthorpe jules.milthorpe at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 17:50:42 GMT 2007

Hello CLUG,

I installed Ubuntu 7.04 yesterday(yay!) and am just working out how
everything works. I have come accross a few things that make me nervous
however, so would appreciate any feedback you could provide on these issues.

1. No right click- I used to be able to right click by pushing the command
button(I have a mac g4 PPC) and clicking the mouse button as usual. Now the
only way I can figure out how to right click is by pushing the 'eject'
button at the top right corner of my keyboard.

2. Mouse cursor clicks by itself- I have found that the cursor clicks
occasionally wherever I have it placed. I find this especially annoying
while typing emails. This problem never occurred before, so I am quite

3. no simple scrolling with mousepad- This feature worked on the macOSX. if
two fingers were touching the mousepad at the same time, when dragged
down/up the window would scroll. Can I get this feature for Ubuntu?

4. Eclipse for Ubuntu 7.04- Where can I find it!?

My experience with Unix systems amounts to about nothing, so I am in the
dark about everything here. Thus any help would be great.

Julian Milthorpe

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