[clug] Dell Notebook AC Adapter Test

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 05:54:29 GMT 2007


Sorry to say, your power supply is probably okay.

The Dell PA-17 sitting next to me is nominally 19 volts, but delivers
17.6 volts into an open circuit (i.e. unplugged from the laptop). So
yours sounds about right.

This is one difference between old style analogue power supplies and
more modern switchmode ones. The older ones will generally deliver too
many volts into an open circuit before they start regulating, whereas
newer ones will generally deliver too few volts until they see a load
and can start regulating.

So will the adapter run the laptop without the battery fitted? If so,
I can't see how it's at fault. Your most likely issue is a sad
battery, followed by an issue on the laptop's motherboard.

Want me to bring along some tools so we can perform impromptu laptop
surgery for you tonight?


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