[clug] Ubuntu 7.04

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 01:01:14 GMT 2007

> Feisty is a wonderful update. It's a little early to be certain yet, but I think it's converted me from Open SuSE.

We run a number of Ubuntu boxes here at work, mostly Dapper or Edgy
and several with Beryl. In each case, the Beryl setup was a bit of a
handful, what with digging up video card drivers for different
machines, getting either AIGLX or XGL going, fiddling with xorg.conf
etc, but the results are pleasing.

One machine we have running Feisty, and like the others we Beryl-ised
it after the usual mucking around with configuring stuff.

But... I read recently (Mark Shuttleworth's blog? I can't recall) that
Beryl is meant to be a 'single checkbox install' on Feisty. Has anyone
seen this? I haven't seen any such checkbox.


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