[clug] MythTV on TransACT

Alex Osborne alex at mugofgrog.com
Thu Sep 14 06:08:06 GMT 2006

Paul TBBle Hampson wrote:
> Nice work on that howto. I've got a fuller channel-list on my laptop,
> if you want it.
Yeah that would be useful, cheers.
> Also, are you still seeing the channel-intermingling problems with the
> patch? 
The patch allows you to try to receive two channels, without it'll just
error with port already in use. I'm not sure, I've been busy with other
things and haven't played with MythTV too much recently. That
channel-intermingling thing could well be partially due to the i3 being
there as well and making one of the streams fixed on a particular channel.
> Once I get MythTV going, I'm thinking it'd be better to have a
> multicast IP tuner that can change channels, and then you could have two
> with different source IP addresses which will keep them from
> interfering, maybe.
Yeah, it's really using the same port numbers rather than the IPs that
was confusing the thing. As you're suggesting running it through a
proxy/router of some kind that put each channel on a separate port could
well do the trick.

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