[Copfilter] Copy of quarantined email - *** SPAM *** [14.7/6.0] Re: [clug] CLUG site

mikey at ozgamer.net mikey at ozgamer.net
Tue Sep 12 21:00:46 GMT 2006

On 12 Sep 2006, at 00:49, Pascal Klein wrote:

> Throw on a wordpress blog -> 10 minutes of editing

That's Wordpress spelt, "pwnt".

Make sure you find someone willing to dedicate all the time that's  
needed to monitor the Wordpress site for security updates, and has  
weekends free to restore from backups when the site gets vandalised/ 
cracked/comment spam.

It may just be a comment on the people I've seen running them in the  
past, but I can't remember a site that I was aware was running  
Wordpress that wasn't at some stage vandalised to become a propaganda  
site for some Turkish political movement, or being used as a link  
spam site to boost the Google ranking for someone's c1al15/V1 at gra shop.


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