[clug] Revamping _a_ clug site

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Tue Sep 12 13:55:35 GMT 2006

Pascal Klein wrote:

> I offered to fix up the clug site using WordPress which would a
> reasonably small task of taking the small amount of content we currently
> have on clug.org.au and stick that onto some WP pages and then use new
> entries/posts as information for each month's meeting or perhaps
> photos/reports on the outcome of the events we hold (SFD, installfests,
> birthday parties, and such).

I think that's an excellent idea.  Set up a page somewhere, make it look
good, put interesting content there, show that it's easy to maintain and
that you (or someone else) is willing to do so, and _then_ talk about
hosting and making it the clug.org.au site.  The idea of having it being
mostly static-looking but with freshly updated content is good, too.

An organisation like CLUG will probably be able to get free hosting by
begging from a Linux-friendly local ISP.  (That's how PLUG got its
current set-up: the colo machine was built and donated to us by a
member, and we approached ISPs until we found one willing to give us a
bunch of IP addresses and some space in their rack.)

> Tarrant set up http://clug.aeria-design.com today (thanks mate) and I've
> started fiddling around with the wordpress install on that. Feel free to
> take a look (though note, not complete).

I get a "not found" page there. :-(


Cameron "what am I doing on this list anyway?" Patrick

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