[clug] Revamping _a_ clug site

Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Tue Sep 12 12:37:56 GMT 2006

I'm starting to get confused about this entire issue.

Right now we have clug.org.au which is really quite ugly and could do
with a revamp of one sort or another. I didn't even know that
clug.anu.edu.au/ even existed.

I offered to fix up the clug site using WordPress which would a
reasonably small task of taking the small amount of content we currently
have on clug.org.au and stick that onto some WP pages and then use new
entries/posts as information for each month's meeting or perhaps
photos/reports on the outcome of the events we hold (SFD, installfests,
birthday parties, and such).

Tarrant set up http://clug.aeria-design.com today (thanks mate) and I've
started fiddling around with the wordpress install on that. Feel free to
take a look (though note, not complete).

The issue about where this is hosted, if we decide to use it -- I don't
care. Dreamhost looks to be in the States and according to some insecure
in various regards (again -- no idea). I would encourage clug.org.au to
be hosted on local servers or something along those lines but if it
purely came to the access issues Tarrant can give anyone ssh/sftp access
and I'm most happy to share the WordPress account info.

So what's going to happen? I really want to get clug.org.au looking
better. I don't think we need a calendar (ICS) or forum or anything more
powerful like that. A simple 'blog' with updated information and a few
static pages for about us, contact and such would do.

So I guess I would like to as what's happening? I don't want to work on
this and then get told it's not going to be used...

Cheers all,
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