[clug] Re: Linux on Laptops

Richard Reynolds richard.reynolds at usa.net
Wed Sep 6 08:08:37 GMT 2006

> Compaq v4407TU

Id stick away from this one. Although I dont have any experience with the 
4407, I do with a 4440us and I dont have a major single reason. mostly just 
a ton of minor dislikes.

for a quick sample of my issues with mine....
* it came with both memory slots full so upgrade means replace.
* dont like the battery it seems to me like it should run longer.
* wi/fi range is not as good as several other laptops. (compared simply and 
non-scientifically by running both side by side to same access point)
* speakers get a thumbs down
* location of right side usb slot after use is anoying.
* lack of bluetooth anoys me now, though that is a problem that is new to 
me, bluetooth supporting devices like speakers and printers and print 
servers are cheap, and COOL :D
* I dont like the SD slot seems like it could break my SD sticks, something 
I dont wanna do.
* not only do you get hit with the WinHozed tax :) but you get the Norton 
tax also :D
* I dont like the smooth touch pad I like the scroll portion to be a 
different texture or have a ridge so I know when I am going to do something 
stupid!!! I am REALLY good at that :D
* the vents on the bottom dont line up with any of the laptop bases with 
fans in them.
* the monitor in the sun is not on my fav list, the view angle is reduced 
making it harder to find the best spot
* the monitor settings.  it supports built in only,built in & external, 
exteral only, if you put this in the wrong mode the built in & external mode 
on battery when not using the external  itll drain your battery a little bit 
faster, it seems to not be a problem on many current laptops but is on this, 
and there is no indicator showing the setting.

again nothing thats major end of the world, and all of these things might 
not even be things for you. just somethings to consider.

I have it setup to dual boot slackware and windows, even with slackware I 
find no major issues with hardware support in linux.

I have not used the others on your list, but I do work with several 
different laptops, including models from Acer, IBM, HP/Compaq, Toshiba

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