[clug] Local supplier recommendations

Leo Kliger lkliger at bigpond.net.au
Wed Oct 18 08:00:46 GMT 2006

> At the last computer fair a pamphlet was given out advertising a new
> local supplier with "the lowest prices" and who will match competitive
> prices. The place is-
> XP Hong Australia
> Unit5, 74 - 76 Townsville St, Fyshwick
> phone 62807519
> They opened shop today, BTW.

In terms of local suppliers I'd be more interested in Linux friendly
suppliers.... my point being that I recently took in some hardware under
warranty only to find that flaky hardware that seems not to freeze /
crash under a vanilla install of XP is deemed to be fault free!

Needless to say I now have some junk hardware in a box which has cost me
a lot more in time than it has in dollars and I am looking for somewhere
else to take my business.... the cheapest supplier not necessarily being
the most attractive.



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