[CLUG] new livecd synopsis/review

freegazer freegazer at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 11:46:17 GMT 2006

On 3/31/06, freegazer <freegazer at gmail.com> wrote:
> just a heads up for all the eye-candy junkies out there
> Kororaa livecd
> General:
> this is a Gentoo based livecd that loads to ram by default
> runs a very basic Gnome desktop
> this is however offset by the fact that the Xserver uses xgl graphics
> i've seen video before of Enlightenment-17 that has many similar abilities
> this is a very nice preview of what the new X servers will be bringing to
> desktops based on the new direct rendering techniques.
> Bad:
> a little warning ahead of time it is ram intensive and for whatever reason
> it seems to be missing many dependencies, kernel modules don't load
> automatically, there also seems to be some monitors that it doesn't quite
> seem to work well with.
> Good:
> OMG!!!
> this is some sweet easy eye-candy!
> if doesn't work on the first system you try it on - try it on another, and
> another!
> this is too good to miss out on!
> Conclusion:
> When you find a computer this bad boy runs on it is a thing of beauty.
> Keep it on hand for the next time somebody starts saying that the Linux
> desktop is behind the times or to slow or not ready for "real use". This is
> also the one to have running when you want to grab some attention.
> Score:
> I dunno, spell-check keeps telling me I type with ten thumbs so I will
> give this one 6 of them ( I like the cube-style desktop switching )
> 6/10
web addy is http://kororaa.org

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