[clug] CLUG calendar

Blaz Segavac blazs at netspeed.com.au
Thu Mar 23 14:43:18 GMT 2006

Hi George,

Are the URLs in the meeting description for this month's meeting 
clickable?  I can't seem to make URLs appear clickable in the notes 
section to me.  Under iCal there is a menu option to make links 
clickable but they only seem to be temporary, such that once I stop 
editing a calendar note the link reverts back to normal text :-(.

I have subscribed to other calendars that have clickable links in the 
calendar notes, like the Formula 1 racing season calendar, and they work 
fine.  I can't figure how to create clickable links in my own calendar 

Good to hear the calendar works for you.  Going by the mac.com address 
you're using a Mac :-).


George Bray wrote:
> Thanks Blaz, this worked well.
> George

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