[clug] Selling a PC and getting a laptop

Brian bnc at netspeed.com.au
Sun Mar 12 10:35:14 GMT 2006

> Have you actually used a Pioneer notebook with Linux running on it?

> I recently tried to help someone running FC4 on a late model Pioneer and
> to cut a long story short:-
> - It seemed that there is an interrupt conflict issue (between the
> graphic adapter and network card when applying open source (from Livna)
> or proprietary drivers from Nvidia) that can't be corrected because your
> locked out of the BIOS.
Don't you hate that! I thought only Dell would do something like that.

> - It also appears that Pioneer falsely claim to support Linux (Linspire)
> on the particular model supplied and that the website of the Linux
> distro (Linspire) they claim to pre-load didn't even list them as a
> Vendor on the compatibility list (when I last look)!!!
I looked today and it is still the same.

I liked the idea of Pioneer for two reasons.
1) They would supply the hardware with no OS( No MS Tax).
2) You could build the machine as required.

However, if you cannot get at the bios then 1 is no good.
I also had a look at the web site today and it seems you have to choose a base 
model then alter bits, which is not the same a 2.

> - Locally Pioneer claimed that nobody has ever ordered Linspire or run
> Linux to there knowledge.
> - Internationally Pioneer didn't or couldn't help.
No support either, just keeps getting better?

My summation of the above is that I will look for something else.

> Eventually the notebook was returned and my acquaintance switched to a
> HP nx8220 with which he claims to be quite pleased.

That gives me somewhere to start.


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