[clug] Linux Learners Group idea

Ben shadroth at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 05:14:18 GMT 2006

Suggestion for LLG name:
Perhaps something based on one of the group names for peguins would be
a good idea?
creche (huddled group of young penguins - for protection and warmth)
turtle (huddled group of adult penguins - mainly for warmth)
rookery (group of penguins)
colony (several rookeries)

I quite like 'turtle', the description at the above link is rather cute:
"When emperors are huddled close together against the chilly winter
storms, we call this a 'turtle', just like the Roman legionnaires
defensive position. Penguins in this situation change position
periodically, those on the outside moving back inside to shelter from
the cold, something similar to bikers taking the lead temporarily
although it costs them energy. This behavior was thought to be a
fairly unique altruistic behavior, but it can be explained quite
simply by evolutionary biology: no penguin want to be outside exposed
to the cold, so they try to get to the center, but they don't want to
fight for it (a big waste of energy), so they just push slowly till
they get a better position; and later other penguins pushing in other
directions will expose them again."


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