[clug] Elphel Open-Source Video Camera

Ben shadroth at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 03:01:50 GMT 2006

On 6/21/06, Paul Wayper <paul.wayper at anu.edu.au> wrote:
> Great idea, Ben!  There are already quite a few tutorials for various
> stuff on Google Videos

I looked around yesterday, but I couldn't find anything decent that
goes over basic concepts. When I tutor someone, I use a pen and paper
for the first session, and for the second session I bring out some
hardware, but I don't even get them to plug in the power. Every video
I've seen seems to jump far too quickly to left-click/right-click and
the introduction to the hardware was no more than listing some
acronyms that will never be remembered, and some functions that
couldn't be understood by anyone the video is purportedly targeting.

I couldn't find anything that fitted the criteria for an introduction
to computers with GNU/Linux or FLOSS in mind. They all mentioned a
proprietary system within 1 minute, if it wasn't already specified in
the title.

> It would also be interesting to get together with one of the media
> studies groups at e.g. Canberra University to get the editing done as a
> student project.

That would be nice, but I think it would be difficult to get them to
use an open-source package, if they aren't already doing so. I've got
some experience with Autodesk 3DSMax and Adobe Premiere and Elephants
Dream has inspired me to take a look at Blender, but I will probably
need some (open-source compliant) assistance in this area to get the
project finished before the end of the year. I think using all
open-source tools is a must, especially for anything production
quality - if that's what we're encouraging others to do.


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