[clug] Elphel Open-Source Video Camera

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Wed Jun 21 01:59:16 GMT 2006

Ben wrote:
> After reading about the Linux Learners Group, I've been inspired to
> take up a project I was thinking about a while ago: Instructional
> Videos, for computer basics (that only use open-source software).
Great idea, Ben!  There are already quite a few tutorials for various 
stuff on Google Videos; I thought it could be a really great project for 
the CLUG to put out some simple videos as part of the Linux Learners 
Group (or whatever we end up calling it).  There's got to be some 
open-source way to read the framebuffer and write it out into a movie 
file, so you could have a picture-in-picture of the actual screen 
overlayed on the video of the person doing the tutorial stuff (hands 
moving, etc) as well as looking at the camera for talking-head shots.

It would also be interesting to get together with one of the media 
studies groups at e.g. Canberra University to get the editing done as a 
student project.  I'm sure the faculty is always looking for interesting 
projects for their students to do, and they have the experience with 
what's good and bad in video presentations and how to make it come 
alive.  If you could then get them to do the editing with e.g. Kino, 
Jahshaka, or Cinelerra, then the whole thing could be done with open 
source tools.  That would be teh cool.

Have fun,


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