[clug] Finding a reliable DNS secondary

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Tue Jun 20 04:47:55 GMT 2006

I use bur.st.  It's a donation orientated group based in Perth which
basically lets you configure most things yourself and has fairly solid
IRC support.

They actually have five DNS servers you can use, though my demands
aren't huge so I wouldn't actually notice if they went down for a few hours.


Michael James wrote:
> Anyone got any recommendations for a DNS secondary provider?
> Blatant self-promotion is fine, (off list if you're really shy)
>  as long as the boasts are borne out (praise and blame on list).
> I already have a little Primary DNS server setup,
>  but want at least 2 reliably connected secondaries.
> So far I've found an outfit doing it for US$8.95/year
> 	http://www.dnspark.com
> They also throw in "Mail Guiding" with spam filters
>   ie:  *@my.domain  ->  me at my.isp.com
> I'd like to hear about anything cheaper
>  or closer to home (than Texas).
> TIA,
> michaelj

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