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To help people use Linux for the first time.


To provide a service that will get people using Linux for the first time.

To market Linux as an alternative to Windows.


Windows users are stuck in an hardware/software upgrade cycle.
General thought is that Vista is going to have a lot of 'features' that
don't want. The M$ bubble is about to bust.
Linux can take the market if marketed correctly. Support needs  to be
for people to make a switch.


Get CLUGers to provide support for newbies.


Friendly Flyers to be distributed by CLUGers to
friends/family/associates/neighbours. Newbies need to go to a meeting

Flyer features:
- clear where and when
- contact for before the meeting. You can call here before coming.
- what to bring

Mini Movies. Present linux as simple and fun.

Marketing thoughts:
Security sell - Auscert report - Hackers are targeting for profit
Push fear - pull alternative is Linux

Linux has had too much hype for the average user/

Appeal: 'Linux is not M$ so I'm different.'
Get off the upgrade cycle.

Need to present to the middle ground. Avoid GNU fanatisim. Were doing this
because it gives people an alternate rather than because its fundementaly
religiously right.

We are here to help.

Install meetings:

Hold install meetings for newbie users to come along and be walked though
their first install.

Have CDs avaliable
- Nice CD label featuring CLUG newbies help info
- Standardise choice
- Have a Windows to Linux map (symbols - IE to Firefox, Outlook to
Thunderbird, Winamp to ....)
- Modify standard distro for easy of use (autosecurity updates).  Document
differences clearly on web site.

Offer the newbies a choice of Gnome/KDE. Avoid distro choices because it
doesn't matter that much. Keep choices few and just guide people to where
they want to be 'a system that works'.

Free (as in free beer) coffee and biscuits available.

Sell cost price DVD R/RW.

Donations tin to cover costs. CDs + Coffee + Marketing

Provide tutorials for newbies:

6:30 - what linux is?
Clarify the terminology. What is CLUG(?)

Hold regular tutorials to help the people that have done linux installs to
their linux box easier. Suggested topics were:
- using Internet - web and email
- Streaming Audio
- Playing video
- Burning CD/DVDs
- Handling Spam
- Security Updates(?)
- Installing new packages


Canberra PC users group
Computer Education Group ACT

Out of band support:

Support avaliable after they go home:
- FAQ wiki
- irc
- web forum
- mail list
- hardware compatibility wiki
- podcast tutorials.
- Voice support is important (Jabber)
- VNC support (vino for gnome, krdc for kde)
- If they have networking trouble - get a list of helpers in the local area
setup up.


- Get list of FAQ prepared for meetings
- Get list of stable applications and their purpose
Q. I need (windows application) for my (mail). A. So you need an application
that reads email?
Q. Photoshop has all these features A. what do you use? So gimp will do the
Q. I absolutely need windows for (application). A. qemu

Need to sell the CLUGers on the benefits of helping:
- Chance to help others - community service
- hey it just promotes Linux
- Professional development - participating is Resume worthy stuff; public
speaking, organising websites/infrastuture, makeing presentations/
- Involve voluntary redundancy people (I'm not sure where this was going)

Relationships with other entities:
slug/walinux/Linux Australia to eliminate duplication of effort. Draw from
experiences and make this a whole of Australia movement.

slug presents 'make your move'. walinux presents 'make your move'.

Need to organise people to do tasks. Wiki task list with people assigned

Need to train the trainers.
- Focus on user needs
- Don't lure them to do programing/scripting
- All install/work should be gui based. No command line stuff.
- Cross organisational support:
 * EdNA ( EdNA Online is a service that aims to support and promote the
benefits of the Internet for learning, education and training in Australia.
 * Computer Education Group ACT
 * ASGOSS (linux australia)  (who? couldn't find them. Paul reference)
 * Linux in schools


Generally accepted: clug presents 'Make your move'

Motivating thoughts:
- Friendly  welcoming
- Not linux in title (too much preconceived hipe)



TV marketing
News paper ads.

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