[clug] Linux Learners Group idea

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Wed Jun 14 23:59:39 GMT 2006

Thanks Paul and Steve for sending through some info. I have been lazy and
haven't made the time (that and my self-imposed ban from saying anything
stupid on the mailing list) to get down the ideas for everyone.

So, in essence I will try and mention a few things here, briefly.

Essentially the conversation was started because we were talking about the
collapse of Microsoft and I raised a thought that'd been swimming around my
head for months that now is the time to be actively promoting Linux.

Vista is coming (we think) and I wanted to tell people "Please, don't get
sucked into yet another crappy operating system." Mind wandering occurred
leading to numerous marketing schemes, the whole shebang etc.

We have a golden opportunity right now to present Linux as a viable
alternative to Vista, and it has to happen soon. Once Vista is out it will
be coming on new machines and people will start using it. More's the pity.

We tried to think of a name for the group, but in the end decided we would
just use "Make the move", and have it presented by a group. I.e. CLUG
presents.. "Make the move". (Options were "Make your move", "Make the move"
or "It's your move".) This way it can easily be spread (if it takes on)
 to other places like Sydney "SLUG presents.." and around the country.

This group would meet (on a Saturday or something) where people who know
nothing about Linux or who are thinking about Linux, or have started using
it can come along. It's designed to be warm, inviting, friendly and fun.
Ideas were to break it down to a 30 minute talk about what Linux is (and
distributions) which people can skip if they've heard it. After that we have
show time and question time etc. Also will be a hands on workshop type

Daniel took minutes of the meeting and I was intending to go over that but
I'll just post it as the idea has already been raised on the list by Steve
and Paul.

Let us know if this is something that interests you!


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