[CLUG] network card id switching

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Tue Jun 13 02:10:48 GMT 2006

freegazer wrote:
> I will soon need to do a bit of work on some dual nic'd machines. I 
> remember
> during the recent presentation on diskless booting that there was more than
> a little discussion on the problem of nic addresses changing at boot time.
> If memory serves right Bob mentioned that he resolved the issue be changing
> the default boot sequence for Debian so that the cards would keep the same
> "eth" location.
> Does anyone know of an article on this? Or perhaps is there a chance 
> sombody
> kept reasonable notes?
> The systems need to be running RH rather than Debian so I don't know if
> exactly the same fix will work but I would like to look into it.

Actually, in my talk, I was referring to the way the Ubuntu folk had
broken the sys-admin controlled ordering of the network interfaces
(wasn't a Debian thing, although it might be now - I haven't checked
the recent testing and unstable releases for this yet). The main problem
I was trying to avoid was having to specify MAC addresses to bind the
interfaces to. Remember that I was discussing networking booting from
a standard image that was to work on a range of machines - specifying
MAC addresses in configuration files would have broken that.

In the end, I made sure that the module-init-tools came up before udev
in the /etc/rcS.d scripts, so that the modules I specify in /etc/modules
were in the order I wanted and not dependent upon ifrename of it's more
recent equivalent.


Bob Edwards.

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