[CLUG] network card id switching

freegazer freegazer at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 07:40:38 GMT 2006

Bob this is exactly what we need to do. we are pxe booting and installing
images if required. the M$ images are ok but when RH boots it re-orders the
cards (usually preferring to use the PCI nic as eth1 but not reliably). this
causes issues further down the track as same apps require eth0 to be the
onboard nic. I really need to lock down the addressing.

I do appreciate the scripting stuff and some of it has great potental but as
Tony brought up earlier there are issues with maintenance later on.

It would be great if we could just reorder the init/rc scripts to dodge this
bullet but if scripting is the only answer we will probably have to have it
as a standalone script that is fired off from rc.local so we _might_ be able
to paste it into new images as they are made.

Bob can I contact you off list to discuss this in some more detail?

> >
> Actually, in my talk, I was referring to the way the Ubuntu folk had
> broken the sys-admin controlled ordering of the network interfaces
> (wasn't a Debian thing, although it might be now - I haven't checked
> the recent testing and unstable releases for this yet). The main problem
> I was trying to avoid was having to specify MAC addresses to bind the
> interfaces to. Remember that I was discussing networking booting from
> a standard image that was to work on a range of machines - specifying
> MAC addresses in configuration files would have broken that.
> In the end, I made sure that the module-init-tools came up before udev
> in the /etc/rcS.d scripts, so that the modules I specify in /etc/modules
> were in the order I wanted and not dependent upon ifrename of it's more
> recent equivalent.
> Cheers,
> Bob Edwards.

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