[clug] Long term PIM in Linux

David Howe david at qednet.biz
Fri Jun 9 05:59:38 GMT 2006

<small rant>
Debian is my OS of choice on i386 and ppc for desktop and server 
application. The stable distro is just that - stable, and the testing 
distro which I run on my laptop is very functional and does not produce 
any more issues than the commercial OS's.

As for application support, I can only add to the opinion of others that 
almost everything is achievable with linux. My laptop syncs with an 
ipod, handles a digital camera, automatically mounts devices and has no 
problem talking to windows boxes. All for virtually free and a little 
bit of my time (OK so maybe a slightly bigger big, but hey that's fine 
with me).

I think the big thing is I can see how it all works, I can write code 
for my machine and at all times I am in control of what happens. Linux 
gives me back control whereas a commercial OS grants me a limited 
licence to use the software I need to do what I want. That's pretty much 
a no-brainer.

I don't expect anyone to write code for me, but I am constantly blown 
away by how much is actually available. The free software community are 
tremendously active and capable. Why don't you join us?

</end rant>

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