[clug] Long term PIM in Linux

Li-Jie Wong u4178265 at anu.edu.au
Fri Jun 9 03:11:14 GMT 2006

I want to, but my (Debian) desktop just freezes sometimes and sometimes 
the graphics just comes up with some random pattern (though this could 
be due to usage of a 8mb graphics card?). And if I were to switch and 
expect that someone will write such an application, then that would be 
making an assumption, especially when Linux runs on a volunteer user 
base. I just checked the Lexmark website and they've just got a Debian 
version of the print driver, so that's one less thing I can't do.

My argument isn't about application support, whether I can run Windows 
applications. It's about being able to get what I need to do, done; no 
problem if it means using another application.


Li-Jie Wong
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Robert Edwards wrote:
> Li-Jie Wong wrote:
>> I use a Nokia 6680 which is a Symbian Series 60 phone. KDE-pim doesn't 
>> seem to have detailed support for nokia according to 
>> http://www.pi-sync.info/html/projects.html? Or is it pim.kde.org? A 
>> search for "site:pim.kde.org nokia" shows no rsults though. Correct me 
>> if I got the wrong URL.
>> Anyway if I do run wine/qemu/vmware, doesn't that mean that I'll need 
>> to run Outlook too, for the Nokia PCSync software to talk to and grab 
>> data from? And if I'm going to run Outlook in an emulator then I don't 
>> see much reason to leave WinXP.
> My main point here is that there really isn't any reason (excuse?) to
> stick with Windoze because one or two (or more) apps don't (yet) work
> properly under Linux. If you don't already know the reason to leave
> WinXP, then you may as well stick with it.
> (Li-Jie is a personal friend, so for those looking on, please don't
> get the impression that I am being harsh on a "newbie"!).
> Cheers,
> Bob Edwards.
>> What do various people on the list do for managing contacts and 
>> scheduling events?
>> Chris Smart [chris at kororaa.org] : KDE is prefered, but I'm willing to 
>> run Gnome on another machine just to synchronise if that helps.
>> Li-Jie Wong
>> [Mobile] +61-(0)404 544 415
>> [URL] http://www.starserve.info
>> Robert Edwards wrote:
>>> What sort of Nokia phone is it? I have just searched Google with:
>>> "nokia pim linux" and there appear to be a number of solutions, one
>>> of the more promising being KDE-Pim.
>>> Also, you can always try:
>>>  - wine
>>>  - qemu
>>>  - vmware (workstation edition)
>>> etc.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Bob Edwards.
>>> Li-Jie Wong wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I've been wanting to switch to Linux for my main OS for a long time, 
>>>> however one troubling problem I've found is that my Nokia phone only 
>>>> provides software for Windows that I can use to synchronise my 
>>>> contact list, calendar and tasks on the computer with that on the 
>>>> phone. I can do that manually for now, but as the number of contacts 
>>>> on my list grows longer and time becomes more valuable, just trying 
>>>> to maintain multiple contact lists will become a headache.
>>>> Please advice.

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