[clug] For Sale: free printers

clug at james.st clug at james.st
Sun Jul 23 10:56:23 GMT 2006

I've got some printers surplus to requirements.

Apple Laserwriter 16/600  works but jams often, needs tinkering.
   Comes with an Apple Laserwriter Pro (same engine, no networking)
   Maybe the Pro works, I grabbed it for parts and have never tried.
   Good toner cartridge, and some spares.

Kyocera 1700+  with networking.  Also needs tinkering.
   ie.  Works, but makes a horrendous noise while cranking out the  

Anyone interested?  They're in Hackett...

Michael James


Michael James				email:	michael at james.st
8 Brennan St				home:	+61 2 6247 2556
Hackett, ACT 2602			work:	+61 2 6246 5040
Australia					mobile:	+61 4 1747 4065

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