[clug] Sun kit - best offer

David Howe david at qednet.biz
Sun Jul 23 06:00:44 GMT 2006

Either a suitable financial donation or possibly Free to bleeding heart

1x Sun Ultra5
- from memory 128 meg ram, 10 gig HD cdrom 360mhz cpu (or thereabouts)
- boots into linux - has debian installed
- comes with 20" vga sun monitor (works very well)
- type 5 KB and mouse
- Cost me heaps when (nearly) new

1x Sun SparcStation10
- approx 128 meg ram (I suspect more) 4 gig HD and 2x 50 mhz cpu (i think)
- boots into linux - has debian installed
- comes with 17" sun monitor
- type 5 keyboard and mouse
- get your hands on an original multiprocessor :)

Both were very solid machines when last running. YMMV.

Fine print.
They leave me as complete systems. I would prefer both to leave 
together. You pick them up from Watson.

email me off list please. I will post a gone notice.



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