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Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Wed Jul 12 12:30:20 GMT 2006

Thanks Chris

I have had a problem with localhost:631 being disabled but have found a 
way to correct that.  I will now try this facility to establish a 
printer on the Laptop

Will come back to you all and let you know how I went.  I'm off to 
Melbourne in the morning so I won't get back to this problem 'til next week

Thanks again

Ian Bardsley

Hi Ian,

As Drew has already mentioned, you should be able to start the cups  
daemon and then set up the printer by browsing to your localhost on  
port 631 (http://localhost:631). The web interface makes it quite  easy 
to set up a printer, just select USB and the usb port which will  be 
something like usb:/dev/usb/lp0 and then select the driver to use.

If you don't know the driver, you can look it up at http:// 

I'm assuming of course that the desktop PC is also Linux based? Once  
that has been set up you should be able to then tell your other linux  
computer to just use cups on the other machine. You can edit the  file 
/etc/cups/client.conf (distro depending) and then set  "ServerName" to 
the ip address of your desktop machine.

You do not need to start cups daemon on your laptop, your cups will  
automatically connect to the cups server on the desktop pc.

If your desktop pc is using windows then you need to share the  printer 
and then connect to it via samba share (all set up through  cups on your 
laptop). This will mean you have to start cups on your  laptop and run 
the daemon.

Hope that helps, please let me know if you have any further  
clarifications about the set up.


On 12/07/2006, at 10:04 AM, Ian Bardsley wrote:

Good Morning to all CLUGers

I have recently revisited Linux with a view to giving Windows the  big 
heave ho.  Having tried all of the major distro's with varying  degrees 
of success and have chosen Ubuntu as the one to pursue.  I  have 
successfully got all of my hardware working including a  wireless link 
from my laptop to the net having found guidance in  various forums about 
using ndiswrapper.  I am now at the point of  trying to set up printer 

However, as I do not understand networking technology I am  completely 
bemused by all of the jargon that pervades the various  "How Tos" 
available on the 'net.  Is there someone out there who  can provide me 
with some guidance in words of one syllable or less  on how to establish 
the ability to print to my printer connected  via usb to my desktop PC 
from my laptop via the established  wireless link?

I have a Dlink modem/router.  Desktop is connect via cable, Laptop  via 
Pcmcia wireless card.

my thanks in anticipation

Ian Bardsley
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