[clug] Some help for a newish user please

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Wed Jul 12 00:04:35 GMT 2006

Good Morning to all CLUGers

I have recently revisited Linux with a view to giving Windows the big 
heave ho.  Having tried all of the major distro's with varying degrees 
of success and have chosen Ubuntu as the one to pursue.  I have 
successfully got all of my hardware working including a wireless link 
from my laptop to the net having found guidance in various forums about 
using ndiswrapper.  I am now at the point of trying to set up printer 

However, as I do not understand networking technology I am completely 
bemused by all of the jargon that pervades the various "How Tos" 
available on the 'net.  Is there someone out there who can provide me 
with some guidance in words of one syllable or less on how to establish 
the ability to print to my printer connected via usb to my desktop PC 
from my laptop via the established wireless link?

I have a Dlink modem/router.  Desktop is connect via cable, Laptop via 
Pcmcia wireless card.

my thanks in anticipation

Ian Bardsley

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