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Tue Jan 17 04:52:24 GMT 2006


  This weekend, I upgraded (?) to Suse 10.0 and I partitioned the disk as follows:

 - the root partition is reiser

 - I then used LVM to create filesystems for home, opt, srv, tmp, usr and a share space.  LVM (and reiser) will let me grow these filesystems but, if i recall correctly, will not let me shrink them.

 I am running a simple home network with 3 PC's, and I am not sure how well LVM is suggested for the real world.  I also have to admit the I administer an AIX machine and I am not extremely knowledgeble in linux.  

 I think I remember reading in the suse docs, that reiser (used without LVM) does not allow resizing.


Al Kabaila <akabaila at pcug.org.au> wrote:

>Thank you for your response.  By default, Knoppix makes all partitions on a
>disk "read only" and not mounted.
>From the GUI, I did r-click on each partion icon, selected properties and
>unselected the "read-only" option for the device.  Still no luck with the
>Linux partitions.
>When the partitons are mounted, they can then be read from and written to.
>QParted shows that the "disk is busy".  That could be because there is a
>(spare) swap partition on hdb (It used to be the main HDD, hda).  Still, no
>resize seems to be allowed on Linux partitions.  Weird that no such
>inhibitions about the fat32 partitions.
>I like Knoppix - it is a classic.  Of course, I could (and probably will)
>change the partitions with the "Partition Magic 8 rescue floppies".  But I
>would prefer to do  that with Knoppix.
>Thanks again,
>On Monday 16 January 2006 23:53, Steve Walsh wrote:
>> Al;
>> Not all Live CD/CDFS's allow you to modify the installed hardware for
>> security reasons. I know for a fact that the Gentoo Live CD's will allow
>> you to modify the installed HDD, but I'm sure others on this list can offer
>> some other solutions.
>> Regards
>> Steve
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>> Hi,
>> With Knoppix 4.0 DVD booted, I tried to use qtparted to adjust my hdb
>> partition sizes, formatted with reiser file system.  No luck - the resize
>> tool is greyed out.  That in turn indicates that the operation is
>> "illegal".
>> Interestingly, hdb1 and hdb2 are fat32 partitions and the resize tool is
>> active for those partitions.  Weird.
>> Is it qtparted, knoppix or just poor old newbie that I am?
>> All hints appreciated,
>> Al.
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