[clug] Best way to backup an entire harddisk

Christopher Zhang Chris.Zhang at anu.edu.au
Thu Feb 9 01:12:52 GMT 2006


I have just finished installing a tomcat server on apache2, I would  
like to deploy this system to a different machine in a remote  
location. What is the best way to do this?

I have tried G4L (Ghost for Linux), Mindo, etc. Given that the  
current machine doesn't have a burner, if not storing the new image  
across the network, does that mean I have to create a spare partition  
or mount an external harddrive to backup the system?

With the former approach, say I have /dev/hda1 as / , /dev/hda2 as / 
home, Do I need also to create a /dev/hda3, and put the creating  
image in there? Then burner them, but how do I restore them to a new  

With the latter approach, I could use dd to copy the entire disk bit  
by bit, say if the harddisk is 80 GB, do I need another one at least  
as big as the first one?

Or is there other way to do this?



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