[clug] [News] Programmers' Search Engine - not fully open source

Jim Watson jim at amarooas.com.au
Wed Feb 8 21:51:14 GMT 2006

On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 08:10:19AM +1100, Stephen Jenkin wrote:
> Anyone know of this effort?  they are doing a 'google' in basing their
> work on Open Source, making the service freely available but not fully
> releasing their code.
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> http://www.krugle.com/

Last time I looked they had "terms of service" similar to Google too...

"The Google Services are made available for your personal, non-commercial
use only." 

You agree to various other things by using their site etc like google too
but I suppose it is not enforceable unless you are an important person?


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