[clug] [News] Programmers' Search Engine - not fully open source

Stephen Jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Feb 8 21:10:19 GMT 2006

Anyone know of this effort?  they are doing a 'google' in basing their
work on Open Source, making the service freely available but not fully
releasing their code.

[link to abstract below]

"Programmers Get Their Own Search Engine"
Linux-Watch (02/06/06); Vaughan-Nichols, Steven J.

The Silicon Valley startup Krugle has developed a search engine designed
to help developers find source code on the Internet, parsing and indexing
the code and presenting it in a user-friendly interface.  Krugle combines
open-source and proprietary elements in its own technology, drawing
heavily on the Apache Software Foundation's Nutch and Lucene and the Antir
parser generator.  "Today, programming is more about efficiently
assembling and integrating code, than it is about writing new code from
scratch," said CEO and co-founder Steve Larsen.  "The problem is, finding
and evaluating the available code takes too much time.  That's the problem
Krugle solves." Co-founder Ken Krugler added that while existing search
engines can crawl the Web to retrieve individual sites, they are unable to
mine repositories of source code.  Krugle's founders also claim that the
tool can help developers negotiate issues such as licensing and
documentation, as well as providing advice on which code to use.  
Developers can augment Krugle with tags and commentary over top of the
code, similar to the way that Wiki users supplement content with metadata.  
Krugle expects to go live with the search engine on March 8 at the
O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference.

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